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Mission Statement: to promote West Oakland County as a destination location for tourism, conventions, conferences and expositions. Supporting this effort through our local business community inclusive of: hotels, restaurants, attractions, entertainment venues, retail businesses, transportation, and services providing a source of area information and community support.

Membership: Experience West Oakland recognizes that it is important to promote and market your business in order to ensure its success. Staying in contact with current customers and utilizing marketing tools and networking opportunities to reach new customers, we know, is a vital component of your marketing plan.

As a member of Experience West Oakland you will be afforded one (1) vote for all decisions presented at our monthly meetings, member listing on our website:, ability to promote special events and offers through our website, centralized lead distribution, opportunities to network with local area businesses and organizations through fundraising and social events, and shared participation in tradeshow events as voted upon by the members.

West Oakland has designed a variety of levels of memberships to meet your needs and budget. If you are interested in becoming a member of Experience West Oakland please contact the EWO President, Kevin York at 734-462-2000 or via email at

1-5 Employees $75.00
6-10 Employees $100.00
11-20 Employees $125.00
21-30 Employees $150.00
31+ Employees $175.00


Recognizing that a donation of your time and talent is an important factor in order to guarantee the livelihood and future success of Experience West Oakland and knowing the need to keep annual marketing costs at a minimum, Experience West Oakland will offer a discount on your next years membership fees based on the number of hours of service you have provided to this organization. Please refer to grid to the right:

Service Type and # of Maximum Credit Hours are listed below:

  • Participating on Sub Committees (max 1 hour credit)
  • Working tradeshow events (max 2 hour credit)
  • Participating in membership drives (max 2 hour credit)
  • Working EWO event (max 2 hour credit)

Each member will be responsible for turning in a volunteer form to the Secretary so that hours may be tracked. If a form is not turned in by the member the hours served will not be tracked. Exception: monthly meetings (both Committee and Executive Board) will be tracked by attendance record.

8 - 10 hours 10%
11 – 15 hours 15%
16 – 20 hours 20%
21+ hours 25%



Membership fees will be assessed on an annual basis and for the first year of membership be based on number of employees only. Payment will be due the first meeting in June. Membership fees will be pro-rated for those wishing to join Experience West Oakland mid term. Discounts for hours of service will only be applied to those pre-existing members as of end of May and will be applied to the next year’s annual membership fee. As membership is based on place of business and not person, discounts will not be given to those businesses that decide to rescind membership from Experience West Oakland.

Please complete the following and mail the payment to Experience West Oakland, P.O. Box 7012, Novi, MI 48376

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